WIARC Special president message

WIARC honored in the May/June TCA

In the May/June issue of TCA magazine edited by RAC the WIARC or
some of its members are cited at three different places:

On page 11 a full column with a picture is dedicated to Bram VA2XE
our Vice-President for his RAC Scholarship Award.
On page 28 an article giving the Canadian results of the 2017 Field day
is mentioning only one score as an order of magnitude: the exceptional
score of the WIARC / MARC team.

We made 7984 points with 2041 QSO’s which is not only the best 2A
Canadian score but also the best score whatever the category over 177
competing Canadian stations. With only 2 radios we did a lot better than
the second best score with 4 radios.
It is interesting to mention that the best 1A made only 871 QSO’s which
is a good indication of what will be our place in 1A if we are 1A.
To finish on page 54 our president VA2EW is cited as one of the 4
Canadian referees for the World Radio Team Championship (WRTC)
2018 event.

Those who have a special interest in the reputation of our club can see
that all of that IS THE RESULT OF working hard on studying, working
hard to improve oneself performance or equipment, working hard on
operating on the air AND NOT wasting time in the redaction of useless
papers to report useless procedures or making some theater imitating the
big company’s assemblies during our modest club meetings which is of
few if no any impact on our reputation.

It is the reason why since the beginning of the year the board policy is
based on the fact that the simplest club procedures for the actual active
members is more time for them to put directly or indirectly the club
under spotlights by their own actions in the real world.

Congrats to Bram, congrats to all the Field Day active volunteers and
thanks to Vlad VE2QA for preparing the next one by showing a great
creativity in the face of the great difficulty occasioned by the Saint John
the Baptist holiday and a great determination in face of some resistance
to change of a few members.

Gilles VA2EW
WIARC President