New Website

Welcome to our new website!

Regular visitors to the website will have noticed a few changes, to put it mildly. You might even have wondered if you were on the right site. Rest assured, this is indeed the West Island Amateur Radio Club website.

Our former website had grown old and unwieldy (no reflection on our membership), so we rebuilt it from scratch with the following objectives:

– New fresh look
– Ease of maintenance and updating
– Blogging capability for sharing of Announcements, Stories, Opinions and  Technical information
– Bilingual structure
– Improved security
– Optimized for mobile devices

Due to the mobile device compatibility feature,  the webpage layout changes slightly depending on your browser window size. This is to better accommodate any screen size from large-screen computers, to tablets, to phones.  In particular, for narrow browser windows, the top horizontal navigation menu is replaced by a drop-down menu icon: to save space. This will happen whenever your browser window size is small enough (or you are using high zoom). If this happens, try widening the browser window size or reducing zoom, or just click on the menu icon and use the drop-down menu.

Bugs and Such
Since the site is brand new, there might still be a few growing pain bugs. You can help squash them by advising the about them. If you have any ideas or suggestions on improving the site, please share them with

Your Contributions
This site will work best if you contribute! Do you have:

– Good quality photos from WIARC events?
– Radio stories to tell?
– Opinions about Amateur Radio to share?
– Technical information that would interest other members?

If so (and we hope so), please send them to (you guessed it) for possible publication on this site. With your help, we hope this site will become a must-visit web stop for all WIARC members and others in the amateur community.

Mark VA2MM
WIARC Webmaster