Since April has drawn to a close, here is the answer to the April Quiz

April Quiz Solution

Since April has drawn to a close, here is the answer to the April Quiz, which was about operating regulations for the 60m band. First, to refresh your memory, here was the quiz question:

A Canadian amateur radio operator with Advanced Qualification has a well equipped station including an all-band HF transceiver, available linear amplifier rated for up to 2500 Watts PEP and a wide selection of  antennas. What is the maximum legal transmit power in this case, measured at the shack end of the feedline, at 5357 kHz USB?

    • A) 1500 Watts
    • B) It depends on the antenna system used
    • C) 100W
    • D) 2250W PEP
    • E) Zero because 5357 kHz is not an amateur frequency in Canada 

While the maximum transmitter output power for Advanced Qualification holders on most bands is 2250W PEP on SSB or 750 W carrier power for other emission modes, the 60m band is an exception. Referring to the ISED RBR-4 Standards for the Operation of Radio Stations in the Amateur Radio Service, Schedule 1 lists the Amateur frequencies in Canada. For the 60m band, there are 5 channels listed, with Operating Provisions note C21:

At the bottom of the table, note C21 includes the following provision:

C21 (CAN-14) Amateur service operators may transmit on the following five centre frequencies: 5332 kHz, 5348 kHz, 5358.5 kHz, 5373 kHz, and 5405 kHz. Amateur stations are allowed to operate with a maximum effective radiated power of 100 W PEP …”

The power limitation of 100W PEP effective radiated power applies to all amateurs, Basic with Honours and Advanced qualification alike. So is the answer C) 100W?  Perhaps, but only if the operator is using an antenna with no gain. To calculate the effective radiated power (ERP), one must consider the gain of the antenna system. So, the most appropriate answer is B) It depends on the antenna system used.

Now, look out for the May Quiz, which will be quite challenging. 

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