July 2020 Quiz

Just for fun, each month, we post a short quiz challenging your knowledge of the club or amateur-radio in general. It might be a piece of WIARC history, or a technical question, perhaps something borrowed from the current qualification exam question bank. We will also post the answer to the previous month’s quiz and the names/callsigns of anyone who submitted a correct answer to webmaster@wiarc.ca.

July Quiz

July 2020 Quiz:

This quiz deals with antenna feed-lines, impedances and SWR.

An amateur radio operator has build a loop antenna for the 20m HF band. Using simulations and confirmation with an antenna analyzer, it has been determined that, at 14.1 MHz, the feed-point impedance (directly at the antenna) is 110 ohm with negligible reactive component (i.e. it is resonant at that frequency). The location of the antenna requires a feed-line length of at least 30 ft (9.1m). 

Which of the following feed-line types/length combinations would be most appropriate to feed this antenna without the use of an antenna tuner or trans-match?

  • A) 30 ft (9.1 m) of LMR400 (Zo = 50 ohms, 84% velocity factor) because it’s a good low-loss coax.
  • B) 33 ft (10m) of any type of feed line because that length is 1/2 wavelength on 20m and that’s always the best length for any feed-line.
  • C) Any length of twin-lead “window” line (Zo = 450 ohms, 91% velocity factor) because it propagates faster than coax and has lower loss.
  • D) 35 ft (10.7m) of RG11 coax (Zo = 75 ohm, 67% velocity factor) because this length represents 3/4 of a wavelength which will transform the antennas’s 110 ohm impedance to 51 ohms (almost perfect) at the transceiver according to the formula Z1 x Z2=Zo^2
  • E) 30 ft of CAT-5, or CAT-6 UTP ethernet cable because its characteristic impedance is 100 ohm, which will produce lower SWR than any of the other choices, and low SWR is all that matters for antenna system performance

Good Luck! If you wish, you can submit your answer to webmaster@wiarc.ca. The answer will be published on July 31, just before a new monthly quiz for August.

Correct answers so far:

  1. Malcolm VE2DDZ
  2. Charles VE2RFI
  3. Wayne VE2WRH
  4. Rick VE7RY