September 2020 Quiz SOLUTION

With September in the rear-view mirror, here is the solution to the September QRP Quiz.

September 2020 Quiz SOLUTION

The World of QRP


Inspired by Tino Zottola VD2GCE’s “World of QRP” presentation at the August 2020 WIARC meeting, this quiz deals with QRP, and specifically facts take directly from Tino’s presentation. Of course it wouldn’t be much of a quiz if it didn’t also contain some false statements (not in Tino’s presentation) that you must weed out from the truths. All of the correct answers can be found in Tino’s presentation.

Did you miss the August meeting or didn’t take notes because you didn’t know there’d be a test? No problem! You can download the presentation HERE.

Some of the following 10 statements about QRP are TRUE (taken directly from Tino’s “World of QRP” presentation), and some of the statements are FALSE (NOT supported by Tino’s presentation):

  1. The Forty-niner and the Pixie are QRP transceiver designs. The Forty-niner  was designed by Wayne Burdick (N6KR). Pixie is an earlier, simpler design that is somewhat outdated today. (TRUE)
  2. A major advantage of QRP is that you can use smaller and lower antennas than you would have to use for regular 100W because QRP does not rely as much on antenna efficiency. (FALSE)
  3. QRP is best for hams that don’t have the experience, patience or knowledge to deal with higher power transceivers. (FALSE)
  4. FT8 is a good mode for QRP because of its excellent sensitivity copy to weak signals. Likewise, CW performs better than SSB for the same reason (relative ability to copy weak signals). (TRUE)
  5. Marconi operated a 10W spark-gap transmitter in 1895. (TRUE)
  6. Many early (pre-WW2) transmitters were QRP by choice, just because it was more of a challenge, not because of cost or available technology (FALSE)
  7. World War 2 marked a turning point in the amateur radio landscape because of technical advances made during the war and surplus equipment which was readily available and affordable after the war. (TRUE)
  8. 5W is the conventional transmit power threshold below which is considered QRP for CW and FT8, while up to 10W may be considered QRP for SSB. (TRUE)
  9. The website only works for PSK mode and cannot be used for QRP FT8 signals. (FALSE)
  10. Successful QRP operations require skill, and patience. (TRUE)

Quiz Question: Which of the following lists contain only TRUE statements from above?

A) 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 <– CORRECT ANSWER
B) 2, 3, 4, 9
C) 2, 4, 6, 8, 10
D) None of the statements are TRUE
E) All of the statements are TRUE

We hope you enjoyed the quiz.

Correct answers received:

  1. Rick VE7RY
  2. Malcolm VE2DDZ
  3. Dave VA2DGC