October 2020 Quiz

October 2020 Quiz

Sample Advanced Exam Questions

October 2020 Quiz:

This month’s quiz is intended to give you a taste of the ISED Advanced qualification exam with a few sample questions. Whether you have the Advanced Qualification, Basic, or none at all, why not give it a try just for fun?

  1. What are the three terminals of a junction field-effect transistor (JFET)?
    A) Emitter, base 1, base 2
    B) Gate, drain, source
    C) Emitter, base, collector
    D) Gate 1, gate 2, drain
  2. What receiver stage combines a 14.25-MHz input signal with a 13.795-MHz oscillator signal to produce a 455-kHz intermediate frequency (IF) signal?
    A) VFO
    B) Multiplier
    C) Mixer
    D) BFO
  3. What is the significant bandwidth of an FM-phone transmission having a +/- 5-kHz deviation and a 3-kHz modulating frequency?
    A) 3 kHz
    B) 8 kHz
    C) 16 kHz
    D) 5 kHz
  4. What is the Effective Radiated Power (with respect to a dipole) of an amateur transmitter, if the transmitter output power is 200 watts, the transmission line loss is 5 watts, and the antenna power gain is 3 dBd?
    A) 197 watts
    B) 390 watts
    C) 178 watts
    D) 228 watts
  5. The power supplied to the antenna transmission line by a transmitter during an RF cycle at the highest crest of the modulation envelope is known as:
    A) carrier power
    B) full power
    C) mean power
    D) peak-envelope power

Good Luck! If you wish, you can submit your answers to webmaster@wiarc.ca. The answer will be published on October 31, just before a new monthly quiz for November.

Correct answers so far:

  1. Larry VE2DO
  2. Dave VA2DGC
  3. Malcolm VE2DDZ