December 2020 Quiz SOLUTION

December 2020 Quiz SOLUTION

A few Basic Qualification exam questions

December 2020 Quiz:

Here are the answers to the December 2020 quiz:

  1. What is a CTCSS tone?
    A) A special signal used for radio control of model craft
    B) A special signal used for telemetry between amateur space stations and Earth stations
    C) A sub-audible tone that activates a receiver audio output when present
    D) A tone used by repeaters to mark the end of a transmission
  2. In a frequency modulation receiver, the __________ is in between the antenna and the mixer.
    A) local oscillator
    B) intermediate frequency amplifier
    C) radio frequency amplifier
    D) audio frequency amplifier
  3. Zener diodes are used as:
    A) voltage regulators
    B) AF detectors
    C) current regulators
    D) RF detectors
  4. The reciprocal of resistance is:
    A) reluctance
    B) permeability
    C) reactance
    D) conductance
  5. Which region of the ionosphere is the least useful for long distance radio-wave propagation?
    A) The D region
    B) The E region
    C) The F2 region
    D) The F1 region


Correct answers received:

  1. Rick VE7RY
  2. Dave VA2DGC