Feb. 2021 Crossword Quiz

Feb. 2021 Crossword Quiz:

It’s been a while since we’ve had a crossword puzzle as a quiz, so I though it would be fun to do another one this month.  The words in this puzzle are not strictly related to amateur radio, but general ham knowledge will be very helpful, in addition to general knowledge. Once solved, the letters in blue shaded boxes will reveal a secret message that is the answer to the quiz.

  1. Download, print and solve (pencil recommended) the crossword puzzle. As a minimum, solve the words containing shaded boxes,  but solving the whole puzzle is more fun.
  2. Using the solved puzzle, write out only the letters in shaded squares (order: from left to right along each row, and down row-by-row from top to bottom) to reveal the hidden message. Send that message to webmaster@wiarc.ca or submit it using the contact form. 

Good Luck! The answer will be published at the beginning of March, together with a new monthly quiz.

Click here to download the puzzle –> FEB 2021 WIARC CROSSWORD

Correct answers to date:

  1. Larry VE2DO
  2. Dave VA2DGC
  3. Roger VA3GBV
  4. Wayne VE2WRH
  5. Rick VE7RY