May 2021 Quiz

May 2021 Quiz

World of SDRs (ref April. 2021 presentation by Tino VE2GCE)

May 2021 Quiz:

This quiz is based on Tino VE2GCE’s “World of SDRs” presentation from the April club meeting, which can be downloaded from the Files page of this site. All of that answers can be found in Tino’s presentation.

  1. What does SDR stand for?
    A) Solid-State Digital Radio
    B) Software-Defined Radio
    C) Software-Designed Radio
    D) Something Dumb & Redundant
  2. Which of the following statements FALSE?
    A) Compared to superheterodyne receivers, SDR receivers have less loss
    B) Super-het. receivers require expensive and rigid hardware filters whereas SDR receivers implement filters in easily re-configurable Digital Signal Processors
    C) SDR receivers do filtering, demodulation and phase delays in software that can be changed on-the-fly
    D) While SDRs have some advantages, they are more complex and cost more than comparable hardware-based radios
  3. Who invented Quadrature Signal Demodulation used in many modern SDRs?
    A) Joe Mitola
    B) Edwin Armstrong
    C) Daniel Tayloe (N7VE) of Motorola
    D) Gerald Youngblood (K5SDR) of Flex Radio
  4. Which of the following Amateur Transceivers is NOT an SDR?
    A) Icom IC-730
    B) Icom IC-7300
    C) Flex-6600
    D) Elecraft K4
    E) uSDX 

Good Luck! If you wish, you can submit your answers to The answer will be published on May 31, just before a new monthly quiz for June.

Correct answers received so far:

  1. Dave VA2DGC
  2. Wayne VE2WRH
  3. Malcolm VE2DDZ