WIARC Surplus Asset Sale

Tri-band Yagi antenna and tower, now offered to any interested party.

WIARC Surplus Asset Sale

Now offered to any interested party.

The club wishes to sell certain surplus club assets as listed below. They were initially be offered, until noon on June 15th, exclusively to WIARC members in good standing on a first-come-first-served basis but, that date being passed, they are now available to any interested party.  Items are used and will be sold as-in, without warranty. 

3-element Tri-band (10m, 15m, 20m) Yagi Antenna and bonus 40′ tower (optional).  Price: $175.

Bonus: optional 40′ tower included with the purchase of the antenna. Tower to be picked up in Laval.

Contact for info and pick-up (after payment): Larry Dobby VE2DO (514) 695-3528‬ or dobby@aei.ca