WIARC Field Day @ Home

Let’s all work together from home for WIARC!

Hi all,

Field Day is June 27 and 28, just ten days away.  With COVID-19 we won’t be having our usual group WIARC Field Day operation this year, but you can still participate in Field Day.  All of the information about Field Day can be found at www.arrl.org/field-day .

For 2020 only there are two major rule waivers.  The first, class D stations can work other class D stations.  A class D station is a regular home station, no restrictions.  So this year only you can work from your regular shack with mains power and work other amateurs working from their regular shacks with regular power.

Second, individual entries can indicate a club.  The ARRL will publish aggregate club scores when they publish the Field Day results.  For example if Eamon works Field Day from his home station as VE2EGN (1D) and indicates his club as West Island Amateur Radio Club when he submits his log and I work portable as VE2DDZ (1B) and also list West Island Amateur Radio Club as my club then both our scores will count towards the WIARC club score.  Note that in every other aspect we are our own individual stations with our own bonus points and so on.  We can even work each other for points.

Instructions for submitting your Field Day score are on the ARRL web site, but it is probably important that we all list the club the same way: “West Island Amateur Radio Club“. 

I’ll be on the air even if we can’t all be operating from the same tent in Beaconsfield and I hope to work you June 27 and 28.

Malcolm VE2DDZ