Downloadable Files

These downloadable files were created by WIARC members for meeting presentations or for WIARC events. We hope that you find them useful.

Downloadable Files

QcPOTA Presentation

(by Mark VA2MM)

QcPOTA to POTA number cross-reference table

(by Pierre VE2GT)

Kit Building

(by Erick VE2LZR)

Transition to Solid State QRO (Part 2)

(by Tino VE2GCE)

Transition to Solid State QRO (Part 1)

(by Tino VE2GCE)

World of QRP

(by Tino VE2GCE)

What is FT8 ?

(by VE2YNI)

Fox Hunt

(by VE2DNN)

Transmission Lines

(by VA2MM)

For Ill-Equipped Fox Hunters

(by VA2MM)

Excel Transmission Line Calc.

(by VA2MM)

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