Fox Hunt Jan. 2020


WIARC Fox Hunt, January 2020

We met at Tim Horton’s, corner of St Charles and Antoine – Faucon Street, Pierrefonds. The attendees were Mark Morin VA2MM, Larry Dobby VE2DO, Tony Pattinson VE2KM, Andy Foot VE2DNN, Martin Charbonneau VA2HKR, Dave Cheney VA2DGC, Harrison Kyle VE2HKR,  Johnathan Bastien- Filiatrault VA2XZA, and VE2UER Stephane Guertin, a new man who found us on our website.

Jan 2020 Fox Hunt beacon (well hidden)

We grouped into couples. Tony and Andy. Andy immediately went outside and got a very definite bearing west down Antoine- Faucon. I told Tony never follow some else because they might be on the wrong bearing. Apparently Dave and Martin went towards Trans-Canada highway. We drove to Cecile Street and stopped to take a bearing. The new bearing was north along Cecile Street. We drove along until we saw Larocque Street. The new bearing was right into the wooded VILLERET Park. The signal was very strong. We went into a children’s play area, signal everywhere. We went back to the car and drove around the park to Rue Rivau. Andy stayed in the car, Tony wandered into the trees. It was raining heavily. I saw VE2HKR and VA2HKR wondering around. They gave up and disappeared. Tony appeared and we went back to our original parking. Then we hunted visually for something. The signal over-powered our equipment. We walked beside a fence. Wandered into the bush, looking for something. Little did we realize that the fox was about 20 feet beyond us. We also gave up and went back to Tim Horton’s.

Jan 2020 Fox Hunt beacon (well hidden)


After a lot of discussion, all of us returned and Mark took us to the actual location. So Close, too strong a signal. We all gathered around for a group picture and went home soaking wet, but in good spirits. Until the next hunt, see you there.